My experience of teaching English in China


My name is Susan. Actually I got my Chinese name from my students. I’m a foreign teacher from British. When I was 21 years old, with the curiosity of the outside word and longing for the  oriental culture, I came to Shanghai to become an ESL teacher. The primary purpose for me to teach English in China is to learn about China. Because Chinese culture is very differernt from British culture. I have been trying to touch this mysterious oriental fountry and feel the pace of her heart and warm atmosphere. In my opinion, teaching English in China is the most accessible way to learn China well. You don’t need to spend too much money and you can make a number of Chinese friends quickly. The most important thing is that it can reflect your own value here and make your contribution to this desiring country by doing ESL jobs here.

What I didn’t expect that after spening three or four weeks in Shanghai. The primary purpose of my visit to China has been changed. Teaching English in China has become the most important thing in my daily life. I found myself fall in love with being an efl teacher in the school in Shanghai. Spending all day with the children together made me fell very happy and replenished.Chinese students always smiel and nod, even though they may not understand at all. It took me a long time to find this problem. So here are my suggestions to those who are going to teach english esl in China. It’s very important to know the differences for learning English between Chinese and Froeigner students. In China, students are reluctant to ask teachers questions in learning English if all others don’t ask, even though they don’t understand. A rule that is followed by Chinese people is not to be the first one to eat crabs in a group. However, westerners advocate individualism. This makes Chinese students are good at listening rather than asking. They will listen carefully in class to try to understand what the teacher say rather than ask them when they don’t know what the true meaning. If they find any problems with your class, they won’t tell you directly, but through other means. Therefore, I think that foreign teachers who understand this cultural difference and solve these problems are the most successful to do esl teachers jobs.

When I first came to China, I went to the restaurant with my friends. I saw a few Chinese people pull and push there, red to the tip of their ears. Are they arguing? But it doesn’t seem like that because the waiter around is smiling. Later I know that the two people were sturggling to pay the bills. It’s not adapt to me with a long term habit of AA. But now I sometimes start to rush to pay, especially when I am with some old friends. If I haven’t been an ESL teacher in China, I can’t learn Chinese customs well.

Every morning I go to the park. I dance “ the mst dazzling national wind”with the lively older people there. Recently I am getting interested in Tai Chi. A lot of grandfathers exercise in the park. So I workship a relatively young grandfather as a mentor. My young “grandfather”likes me very much. Every morning at 6 o’clock, I will be on time in the park and wait for my mentor. He told me that what we practice is “Wu Tai Chi”. It pays atthention to quite, natural, compact frame, slow rolling, not vertical or horizontal and soft. Althought I don’t understand what these words mean now, I think I will certainly understand the essentials with hard work.

The year of 2014 is my third year in China. I spent the Spring Festival in my Chinese friends home. We make dumplings by ourselves. Although dumplings are not very successful. A lof of dumplings are broken, but we are still happy. We talked and laughed until dawn. The next day we slept for the whole day. This year’s Spring Festival I made an appointment with my mentor to spend the new year at his home. He said his wife will make the Shanghai cuisine for me. I am looking forward to this day.

Some people think teaching English in China is just like a task. It’s boring and tiring. But upon my experience of doing esl teachers jobs here, it’s pleasant. You can travel to China, but you will never know China well like me. I do suggest people to teach English in China. It’s not a new career but also a new life. Be sure to find a good agency to help you get a good job in China. I found my job thourgh Sunrise. This is their website: You can see how happy I am here.