Interview Tips for Tesol Jobs Overseas


People all want to find the best tesol jobs overseas, but how to get the best one? On one hand, it depends on your qualifications and teaching experience. On the other hand, which is more important, it depends on your interview performance. A successful interview will get you more tesol jobs overseas and then you can choose the best one. Here are some tips for job interviews.

Do research on the school. If you have a good knowledge of the school, the interview will likely be successfully. There is saying that know the enemy and know yourself,and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.The more reseach you do, the more you can understand the employer and the better talk you can have with the interviewer. You can check the school’s website to learn about their history, working environment, materials they use. And you need to look at the requirements of the school carefully.

Dress formally. The first impression is important. Before talking with you, the interview will have a general look of you. Then dressing will be the first thing they look at. It’s better to dress neatly and formally. Try to avoid wearing accessories and jewelry. And don’t smoke or eat during the interview. The interviewer will feel not respected.

Be on time for the interview. Punctuality is very important for an interview. There is no excuse for being later for an interview,unless there are some kind of disaster. It’s best to get yourself prepared 15 mins before the interview starts. Check your computer, microphone and earphone to make sure they are working well. You can prepare a pen and paper to take some important notes of the school information.

Be enthusiastic, confident and concise. The key to the success of the interview is your response to the questions. You should always be enthusiastic and confident. When answering the questions, try to be concise and to the point. Usually when you interview for tesol jobs overseas, the schools will mainly ask about your teaching experience,your teaching methods, how to manage the class, etc. For non-native speakers, the school will mainly focus on the pronunciation. So you need to speak neither too fast nor slow.And try to speak clearly and prounce the words right.

Ask questions. To get tesol jobs overseas, schools are very happy if you can ask them several questions. By asking questions, the school can judge whether the applicant is interested in their school or not. And from the questions you ask, the school can also learn about the teacher. If you don’t ask any questions, the school will think you are not interested in their school or you don’t have any prospective for your career.

Anyway, to get the best tesol jobs overseas, get yourself full prepared for the interview