How to work with agents while looking for teaching jobs in China?


There are so many ESL jobs in China, so how to find the one that suits you best? To key is to working with an agent. However, some foreigners are unwilling to do so, thinking agents will decieve them. I would like to share some words with you.


Working as an agent for some time, I really meet some foreigners who do not trust us. They doubt everything of us. So if you think we are cheater ,why you choose us to help you?It is really funny. I will make sure we will do our best to help you to find a job ,as that is our job. It is our responsibility. We are doing our best to offer ESL jobs for all of you. But what you should make sure is that you want us give you a hand ,you should trust us firstly ! That is the basic respect . We search jobs for you for free,but you even do not trust us ,how should we do?


We all know that passport is very important for foreigners. It’s understandable that some foreigners worry about others will learn about their private information from the passport. So when agents ask for passport from them, they will just get very suspicious. Why do you need that? No one else has ever asked for that before. I told them that we just want to double check about your nationality. There are many foreigners using faked passports, claiming that they are from the US, the UK or Canada. But actually they are from Africa. We have a coopration with school ,so we have the responsibility to make sure what we offered is real.So hope you could understand us. And I also said that you can cover your passport number or other important information to you, then they will doubt again. Why can we cover the number? Other agents didn’t mention that before. OMG. I’m doing this out of kindness, on behalf of you! So no matter we ask for it or not, there are always people don’t trust you. I just want to claim again we just want to make sure where are you from by your passport. You could deal with your private information by computer or other ways firstly.We are not interested in that at all! We just need to learn about real information. Although you are non native speaker ,we will also do our best offer jobs for you,but using fake passport or even do not show passport to us ,we make sure will not offer any jobs for you. Hope all of you are clear with that.Showing your necessary documents is our deadline.


You choose agents to find jobs for you ,we thought you trust us firstly. If you don’t ,we are sorry. We can not offer any jobs for you. No matter where you are from and what qualifications you have, once you come to us, we will try our best to find you the suitable English teaching jobs in China. However, in return,we have lots of jobs waiting the foreigners who did not come to schools, although they promised they will and have signed the cotnracts. We spend lots of time in searching jobs for you ,hoping you could be serious with that!


Anyway, the best way to find tefl teaching jobs in China is to find an reliable angency. 90% of schools in China use agencies to find foreign teachers. It’s easier and saves a lot of time. Agents just work as a platform between you and the schools. They collect your docs and tell your preferences to schools and send you the suitable positions. They set up interviews, assist you to prepare visa documents and arrang pick up at the airport when you arrive in China. All of these are free. You don’t need to pay for anything.


Also, agents will tell you more about China, about the cities in China, schools usually don’t have time to explain everything to you. They will introduce the surrounding environment of cities, whether the school is in downtown or not so that you won’t find that your school is in the middle of nothing when you arrive. They are problem solvers. They will always be there to listen to your questions and try their best to help you with that.


What’s more, by using an agent, you are likely to get higher salary. Agents know the tefl job market in China very well. They know how much you would expect according to your qualifications and teaching experience. What’s more, they will try to negotiable a higher salary for you with the school, after all, it’s easier to communicate.


So if you want to find the best tefl teaching jobs in China, an agent is very necessary.