How to Save Money by Doing English Language Teacher Jobs in China


When finding English language teacher jobs in China, people always look in bog modern cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. But if you want to save money, those cities are not wise choice because the living cost in those cities are really high, nearly 2-3 times higher than small or medium-sized cities. The following is the comparison of consumption level in cities of China. Let’s take a big city Shanghai, a medium sized city Shenyang and a small city Liaoyang for example.

a.Salary.Of course big cities offer much higher salary. In Shanghai, some schools can offer 15000-20000RMB. The average salary in Shenyang is 12000RMB and 10000RMB in Liaoyang.

b. Rent of housing. There is a school in Shanghai which I spoke with. Their school is in the city center in Pudong New Area. The rent of housing nearby their school is around 5000-6000RMB. So their teachers don’t live near the school. There are around 5,6 stations from their homes to school. The cost of housing their is around 3000RMB. In Shenyang, you can find a very nice apartment with around 2000RMB. As for Liaoyang, it would be lower.

c.Transportation. In Shanghai, if you take a taxi, the starting fare is 14RMB. In Shenyang, it’s 8RMB and 6RMB in Liaoyang. Also in Shenyang, you can easily go to almost any place by subway.It’s not very crowded except morning peak. In Liaoyang, it’s small, so bus is the best transportation

So if you want to do English language teacher jobs in China for saving money, you’d better not to work in big cities. Small and medium-sized cities is better. There are some ways to save money.
1.Cook meals by yourself. If you go to eat in a restaurant,it will cost 50-60RMB with meat and vegetables. However, if you cook meals by yourself, it only costs 20-30RMB, which is much cheaper.
2. Don’t go to the bar a lot. If you buy a bottle of beer in the supermarket, it costs 5-10RMB. But a bottle of bear in a bar will cost 20-40RMB.
3.Take a bus. Bus is a kind of good transportation. There are many buses in each city and you can go everywhere of the city by it. Taxi costs a lot, expecially if there is a traffic jam.
4. Take bullet train instead of plane. If you want to travel in China, it’s best to take bullet train. It’s very fast and convinient and costs less money. In addition, it’s very safe, the safest way for travellng

All in all, be sure to work in a small and medium-sized city if you do English language teacher jobs for saving money