How to Find Tefl Teaching Jobs in China


We all know that there are so many tefl teaching jobs in China, but how to find the best tefl teaching jobs? That’s to use a recruiter.

Some people like to post the resumes on website . Then there will be schools getting in touch with them. For some very-known companies like Engish First and Wall Street, you can just go to their website and then apply for a job. But actually these are not the best ways. The opportunities are limitted. The best way to find tefl teaching jobs in China is to find an reliable angency and use a recruiter. 90% of schools in China use agencies to find foreign teachers. It’s easier and saves a lot of time. Some people have wrong understanding about the work of recruiters, thinking that they ask for many docs, charge fees or even decieve them. No matter where you apply for a job, resume is the basic. The recruiters themselves are ok if you wouldn’t like to send other documents such as passport and degree. It’s the schools that want to check those documents and the give you an offer according to your qualifications. So the more documents you provide, the more and better offers you can get. Recruiters just work as a platform between you and the schools. They collect your docs and tell your preferences to schools and send you the suitable positions. They set up interviews, assist you to prepare visa documents and arrang pick up at the airport when you arrive in China. All of these are free. You don’t need to pay for anything.

Also, recruiters will tell you more about China, about the cities in China. They will introduce the surrounding environment of cities, whether the school is in downtown or not so that you won’t find that your school is in the middle of nothing when you arrive. They are problem solvers.They will always be there to listen to your questions and try their best to help you with that.
What’s more, by using a recruiter, you are likely to get higher salary. Recruiters know the tefl job marktet in China very well. They know how much you would expect according to your qualifications and teaching experience. What’s more, they will try to negotiable a higher salary for you with the school, after all, it’s easier to communicate.

So if you want to find the best tefl teaching jobs in China, a recruiter is very necessary.