How to choose the school type


When we talked about the position , school type is really a main point for most foreigners, especially to whom haven’t taught in China before. Some teachers who knows that also make misunderstanding about that.There are some foreign teachers that want to work in the private schools, and also want to work in the training centers, and there are some want to work in the public schools only, but how to choose the school type? There are lots of differences between them, in details I will notice it very clearly in the following.

Training schools always have lots of works to do, and it have 2 days off per week but may be not 2 days together, sometimes it is 2 days seperately off per week provided, and this is a problem that lots of foreign teachers that does not like it, because what they want is 2 days off together per week but not seperately, it is not convienient for them at all, well I can understand it very well, cause if it is me i will also not like it this way, no one wants 2 days off per week seperately, it is not good of course, so when I deal this case I always make sure to tell the school about the foreign teacher’s concerns and let the school to consider about it very well and then give me a reply as soon as possible, and also if it works very well I will let the foreign teachers to talk with the school about it directly, and make sure that they have a good conversation about all of their concerns and can negociate everything together and then make the deal withou any problems, so this is what I did, and this way of solving the problem get very successfull, I use a very less time to solve the most complex problems between them.

There are always a lots of classes in the training schools such as 25 teaching hours per week and some schools are even having the office hours with this 25 teaching hours per week, so the job is very stressfull and it will always keep you very busy, but of course the training schools provide with good salary some even offers 27000 higher salary, it depends on the locations and the school’s image, and the training schools always have very big age different like from 3-12 years ols or 3-adult, so this is really interesting thing that the students age so much different and it must have different ways to teach with the younger students and the adults, there is another thing is that in the training schools they always having classes in the night, so they dont have much classes in the day time, so the foreign teachers who wants to work in the training schools must get to know about it very well and also most get used to it, other wise they will not be able to do this kind of job, it is not suitable for them and also when they do it they will have a lots of complains about the job and they will not be happy with it and finally loose the job completely which is very bad and pity, so what I do is that to introduce the job to the foreign teachers very well and very clearly with the job details and the specific items and requirements and the conditions, and let the foreign teachers that this is a good job but with a lots of works to do and ask them if they can really accept the details or not, if they are ok with it then i can go more further with the jobs.

And about the public schools they will not have as much works as the training schools, they have the normal schedule of working from Monday to Friday and will have 2 days off per week at the weekend sautursday and Sunday, and they will only have 16-18 teaching hours per week with very less office hours per week, so the job is not stressfull at all and also with good benifits, but some of the salary are lower than center.

So each of the school type has their benefit, just see which one do you prefer.