How to become a qualified foreign teacher


With the increasing international exchanges, the prosperity of Confucius institutes and the spread of Chinese culture, more and more foreigners are willing to work in China. However, after all, transnational work is not as convenient as finding a job at home, so how to become a foreign teacher? Today we discuss how to become a foreign teacher by taking Alice’s experience of finding a job as an example.

First of all, just like looking for a job in China, an intermediary mechanism is needed to communicate with the foreign teacher recruitment company. Now the network is developed, and most of the foreign teacher intermediary mechanism is carried out through the network. Like foreign teacher Alice, she is through the network of foreign teacher intermediary and Chinese employers to establish contact, out of the first step to become a foreign teacher.

Secondly, after establishing contact with the recruitment mechanism in China, preliminary interview should be conducted through telephone communication and investigation. Foreign teacher Alice once said that this process is very important, there are some necessary information: such as a bachelor’s degree certificate; Native English speaking countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries; Physical examination; TEFL certificate (or TESOL certificate), the full name is Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which is generally accepted and recognized around the world, is an internationally recognized general English teacher qualification certificate. This certificate proves that foreign teachers have been trained in oral English and teaching methods, mastered teaching skills, and can become teachers. The demand for foreign teachers in China is huge. Due to the large population, unbalanced teaching resources, there are numerous regions lacking foreign teachers. As a result, foreign teachers working in China are highly respected and well paid. However, even in the absence of foreign teachers, these materials are essential, because the teacher has a great responsibility, if you can not teach, it will have a great impact.

Third, when all the information is fully prepared, and the foreign teacher recruitment agencies to communicate and improve, you can sign the contract. Alice, a foreign teacher, once signed a contract with a Chinese recruitment agency by fax. After a series of examination and approval, she obtained a certificate of working qualification in China and then went to the Chinese embassy to apply for a visa. At that time, Alice also complained about the complexity of the procedures, but she also said that only with such a comprehensive system of security in mind. She also excitedly showed me her visa and said that our pen PALS would finally meet.

With the visa, next, the foreign teachers came to China. When Alice appeared in front of me, I couldn’t believe that my pen Pal from the other side of the ocean, who had been chatting with me online the other day, came alive today. When a foreign teacher arrives in China, of course, he/she should contact the recruitment mechanism before he/she makes a successful communication with the school. Then, he/she will give a trial speech for several days. Wait until all dust settles, it is a series of living, check-up formalities again. When Alice arrived, I accompanied her to the school for an interview that afternoon. It happened that she went to the school where I worked. After that, there was a two-day trial lecture. Alice, the foreign teacher, had been a teacher in the United States, so she had a lot of experience in the lecture. She was also funny and humorous. Seeing this situation, the school advanced the schedule and signed a work contract with her within one day. After that, Alice, a foreign teacher, successfully completed the residence procedures with the help and guidance of the school and recruitment agencies, and became a real foreign teacher.

Say so complex, in fact, foreign teachers and other teachers, in addition to the necessary documents, the key is to have a heart to want to teach, have a heart to care about students.