How can You Get a TEFL Job in China


We’ve talked about the reasons to take a TEFL job in China and introduced some types of the jobs. Now let’s discuss how to get a TEFL job in China.

I’ll say first, you need to find a reliable agency or a resourceful website. Actually, in my opinion, agency is better than a job website for me. The reason is agency can save you some time to do the job searching and get you through the whole process of recruiting. Agency also gets ready to assist you anytime when you’re in trouble. Therefore, a credible agency is really a time saver and good helper for ESL teachers who want to get a TEFL job in China.

Second, figure out where you would like to work. China is a huge country and looking for which part of China you want to settle in may make the TEFL Jobs searching easily. You may pick up multiple destinations if you are not sure.

Third, let the agency know your preferences about the type of TEFL jobs.

Fourth, review jobs from agency and interview with the schools you like. When you’re having the interview with the school, you can learn everything you want to know.

Fifth, get a visa and buy a ticket. After you get an offer, the school will assist you to apply for a visa. Then, you can fly to China when you get a ticket. Remember, to pack your essentials before you come to China. For what you may need to bring to China, we can discuss later in another page.

There is some suggestion. You may want to learn a little bit Chinese before you’re actually in China. For the reliable agency, I recommend you to choose Sunrise because she’s a very professional agency who can get you a good TEFL job and keep you safe when you’re in China.