Health Insurance for Efl Teachers


If you want to do efl teachers jobs abroad, you need to consider many factors. One of them is the health insurance. Different countries offer different health insurance for efl teachers.

In Asia, some major countries usually provide health insurance for efl teachers. The countries include China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, but not always in Thailand. For example, in China, most schools will buy accident insurance or business insurance for efl teachers. It can be used for serious illness and emergencies should they occur. However, it doesn’t cover the small staff lke regular checkups or rare illnesses. If you want to buy the social medical insurance, you need to pay for it by yourself. The amount is around 12% of the insurance base you want to buy.

For major western nations in Europe like spain and Italy, If efl teachers work there illegally, which means not paying taxes and don’t get a work permit, then they need to be responsible for their own health insurance. In the countries like Russian, Turkey and Germany, efl teachers can get a work visa there and pay tax. Then most schools will provide part of the national health insurance of them. But it’s better to clarify it with the employer during the interview.

In nations such as Czech Republic, the insurance is affordable, So you can purchase it locally. You can buy the insurance known as Complex Insurance. It costs around 800USD dollars per year. The insurnace covers basic health, dental and vision insurance.

Many efl teachers like to work in countries like Saudi Arabia,?Qatar,?U.A.E. Schools there usually include the health insurance efl teachers’ compensation package.