Have you ever thought of teaching around the world


Have you ever thought of teaching around the world? Some would say yes, some would say no. if you have ever thought about it, which country comes up to your mind first? Japan, South Korea or China. I would say more and more foreigners will say China.

China has overtaken the places of Japan and South Korea to become the hot spot for teaching around the world. China has become the future of ESL teachers. There are so many reasons that China is the future of ESL teachers. First, China offers job opportunities to everyone who is willing to work in China. For those foreign teachers who are qualified, China offers free flights, visas, housing and bonuses. For those who are not qualified and can’t get jobs in other countries like Japan and South Korea, China can also offer them a job. Qualified ESL teachers are those who have bachelor degree and relative teaching experience.

China has regulated its ESL market and made it more standarded, which attracts more ESL teachers to work in China. Grab the lucrative positions while they’re available, because those jobs are only going to get more and more competitive.

China also has the largest market for English language study. According to the Economist, by 2013, the number of English students had grown to over 300,000 in China, which is about the size of the entire US population. And the number has been keeping growing.

If you have ever thought of teaching around the world, please come to China.