Have a TEFL certificate to be a good foreign teacher


My friend Lisa, who has a TEFL certificate and is finally qualified to teach in China, called me to report the news.

“Congratulations, so difficult affair all do arrive, very fierce.”I said.

“Difficult? I think it is very simple ah, a total of a few classes, the certificate was obtained. Lisa said.

I am dumb to.

As I put the phone down, I couldn’t help but think of my other American friend, Terry.

Some time ago, my American friend Terry called me and asked me to accompany him to find a job as a foreign teacher.

I asked a few foreign teachers in advance intermediary agencies, and then according to the agreed time to meet the place.

As soon as we met, Terry started telling me all about his difficulties in finding a job.

Terry was a good friend of mine when I studied abroad in the United States. He majored in Chinese in the university. When I first came to the United States, my English was not very good. It was Terry who taught me English bit by bit.

After my study abroad, I came back to China, and Terry had the idea of coming to China. In this way, he also packed up and came to China.

After all, he studied Chinese in university, so he didn’t have a big problem in communication. But gradually, he found that it was not that easy to find a job. Many jobs don’t require foreigners, and foreigners are required to have work permits.

When Terry was at his wits’ end, a private primary school found him and hired him as a foreign teacher.

But the real problem is that Terry does not have a TEFL certificate, does not have the qualification to be a foreign teacher, no way, Terry can only lower himself, with not high salary started “black foreign teacher”.

At the beginning, there was nothing wrong with Terry, the work was good and he got along well with the students. Terry felt very happy, but with the development of time, the foreign teachers became more and more strict in their scrutiny.

After leaving, Terry went to several more schools with a resume, but the standards were strict: a TEFL certificate was required. Well, Terry came to me and asked me to help him find a job.

I didn’t know. It was a big deal, after all, but since he asked me to help, I couldn’t turn my back on him.

I took Terry to some of the foreign teachers’ agencies to send out resumes, and there were only two results: either I rejected them outright, or I put on my resume and made it clear that it was not possible.

After coming out from the last foreign teacher agency, we went home frustrated.

“Why don’t you get a TEFL certificate?”I advised, carefully.

Terry looked at me and shook his head. “it’s not that easy.

A few days later, I received a message from Terry telling me that he had returned to China.

Both Lisa and Terry want to teach in China. The difference is that Lisa knows how to abide by the rules and insists on obtaining qualifications according to the procedures, while Terry is full of talent but does not want to work hard. Two people, the same starting point, but have completely different destiny.

Sometimes, don’t work hard can only mark time, and work hard, may be able to harvest unexpected surprise.