Getting an esl job from friends or an agency?


Most ESL teachers get jobs from agencies and some of them may seek jobs from their friends. What’s the difference? Which one is better? Today, we are going to discuss the difference between the job from friend and agency.


As long as I know, there are some ESL teachers who do part-time jobs to refer ESL teachers to other language schools.  Some of them work with the agency. Some of them work independently.  They may get the jobs from agency or collect them from websites or local schools.  Therefore, they know nothing about the schools.


However, there is another situation that friends refer schools that they worked there before.  They know the schools well and may give you some useful information about the schools.  You are so lucky if your friend refers a school to you where your friend works there too and you like.  I would recommend you to take it.


The biggest differences between employing with an esl agency and a foreigner are that whom ESL teachers are going to sign with and salary ESL teachers can get.


Sunrise is always trying to get the best package for ESL teachers and never charges ESL teachers.


If you can’t be referred by a friend to work in the same school, you should go to the agency directly.

Why do I recommend you to go to the agency directly?


First, the agency can provide thousand of jobs that are around China. For example, Sunrise has thousand of jobs updated every month. ESL teachers can check jobs around China. No matter which city you want to work, you can find it in Sunrise. If you can find an agency like Sunrise, you can save a lot time of surfing online.


Second, Sunrise has a credit system for the schools, which can protect the ESL teachers’ right. Many ESL teachers don’t want to go to agencies because they don’t trust the agencies and are afraid to be cheated by the agencies. Although there is some bad news about the crappy agencies, most of them are good and helpful for the ESL teachers. For giving better service to ESL teachers, Sunrise has built a credit system for the schools we are working with.  We don’t recommend low credit schools to ESL teachers.  If any ESL has a bad experience about the schools, please let Sunrise know.  Therefore, go to Sunrise, no worry about the schools.


Third, Sunrise stands by your side and tries to get more benefits for you.

Sunrise has helped thousand of ESL teachers get better ESL jobs in China.  ESL teachers may don’t know how much work Sunrise needs to do behind your jobs.  When Sunrise has an ESL teacher who is seeking for ESL jobs, she will make a personalized plan for him/her and make many calls to the schools to bargain the salary and the benefit package.  And most importantly, Sunrise does not charge a penny from the ESL teachers and only charge the schools.  Therefore, ESL teachers can get the best package from Sunrise.

In Sunrise, ESL teachers can interview with the schools directly and argue their packages with the schools too. This is very important for ESL teachers, since they need to know the school in person and make sure that they want to work in that school.


Fourth, agency can assist you every step from seeking a job to apply a visa and so on.

Sunrise has many years working experience in Chinese ESL teachers’ recruiting industry and has assisted thousand of ESL teachers get suitable jobs.  When you choose Sunrise, Sunrise will always be there to help you whenever you need it. The foreigners could not do that for you.


Fifth, Sunrise still serves ESL teachers after they come to China. If there is anything different from the contract ESL teachers signed, Sunrise can help you argue with the school to see whether you can find a plan to solve the problem.


Sixth, Sunrise has a Sunrise Online ESL Mandarin program, which aims to help ESL teachers who are first to China adjust to their lives in China smoothly and their Chinese classroom teaching easily.


After I talked about the advantages of choosing an agency, let’s talk about how can you find a good agency.


You don’t need to waste time to search online. Sunrise is the best option for you. Sunrise has the most professional term and the best service for ESL teachers.  Whenever you need help, Sunrise will be there for you.  If you are seeking an ESL job in China, please come to Sunrise!