Fun of teaching english in China


Having been in contact with many foreign techers, I found that China is such an interesting places in their eyes. When holiday comes, they will visit different cities to explore Chinese culture, enjoy the beautiful scenery, learn to do some Chinese food and some Chinese. To many of them, doing ESL jobs in China is not making money, it’s an excellent experience.


A foreign teacher from the United States is now teaching in Chongqing. He said the students there are very lovely and teachers are very kind and enthusiastic. They taught him some simple Chinese and took him to eat some super hot food. He felt it was very interesting. In addition, he is a travel enthusiast. In his spare time, he will bring his SLR to go to streets of the city and make a variety of interesting photos. He said teaching english in China was not only a simple job. It is a wonderful experience for him. He took part in some travel activities and have known many Chinese friends. He has been to Guilin. It is very beautiful there. He also has been to Fujian,Zhuhai and Harbin. Every city has its own characteristics and local delicious food. Fujian and Zhuhai are very nice costal places with warm climate. The air quality there is good. Many foreigners would like to work there when they look for ESL jobs in China. He also changes his impression on Harbin.At first, he only knows that it is a very cold place. You have to wear a lot when going outside. But when he got there, he found it was a fantastic place. He went Greater Hinggan. Maybe there are not many tourist attractions, but after the heavy now, it’s vert clean and can give people the biggest baptism of the spirit.This kind of feeling is hard to express out.  He also visited the glory St. Sophia church.It has unique and exotic landscape and cityscape.Therefore, he wants to tell those people who are going to teach English in China that north of China is not as bad as they think.He said:I love China. I think I want to stay in this beautiful place if possible.


There is a foreign teacher from Philippines. She heard that China is very short of ESL teachers and the salary is high. So she came to teach English in China. After teaching in China for several years, she has a better understanding of Chinese education. She said China’s education is very traditional.More than 95% Chinese people can not speak English. So there is a huge market of ESL jobs in China.Philippines education is influenced by the US education deeply. They use the same education system as the United States The Philippines is one of the countries in the world which use English and ranks the first in Asia. English is not only the official language and business language of the Philippines, but also widely used in the field of education. “A lot of students studying in the Philippines can learn fluent English and master the language of English. Once they get a bachelor’s degree, they can easily study a higher level degree in the United States or other countries. Teaching English in China is her favourite thing. The key to teaching students well is how to make students relax and give them more happiness. She likes listening to music in her free time. So when she teaches English in China, she will try to teach children many English songs to let the children learn English through songs. “Compared to the Philippine pupils, Chinese pupils are not so active in learning. So when you do ESL jobs in China teaching primary school students, the best of teachhing is to creat a fun learning environment. You can play some games with them. You can alsp play some English movies and cartoons so that they can learn English through film and television.” Having been teaching in China for many years, she also loves Chinese food and learning some cooking.


There is another teacher Steve from Canada. He has been teaching ESL in China for many years. His friend told him that China is a vey beautiful country and it’s wonderful to teach in China. So when he graduted, he came to China. At first,it’s a little hard living in a new country. But soon, he adapt to the life in China and start to enjoy it. He accumulated much teaching experience and laid a good foundation to find a bette job in the future. Later, he came to Kunming, a tourist city. There are many tourists coming here every year. Bars are very famous in Kunming. He found his someone. With the help for his girlfriend, he opened a bar there,which is the thing he enjoys. He named it”Cat Eye”. He thinks it’s a special name and easy for people to remember. Cats’ eyes are very bright at night. He hopes that his bar can be a dazzling place at the dark night just like the cats’ eyes. How interesting!Now he is not only an ESL teacher in China, but also a bar owner.


China has something for everyone.For foreign teachers who teach English abroad, this place is more than teaching, it’s a travelling of soul.