Do I need TEFL Certification or experience?

It depends. Schools with good pay always have more requirements such as degree, TEFL certification or experience Therefore, TEFL certification or experience is preferred. They can help you get a better English job in the world.  TEFL certification is really helpful for you to secure a ESL jobs in China. It means even though you don’t have teaching experience, you are trained to be ready for a teacher. So get one before applying for a job.

Do I need a university degree?

It depends on the city. Teaching positions in most tier 1 cities require proof of completion of a BA or above.

What are the best teaching jobs in China?

The answer to this question really depends on what you are trying to accomplish while you are here. Are you looking for experience to help build a teaching career? Is money a important concern? Do you want as much time to travel as possible? Telling you goals/plans to your Sunrise recruiter, he/she will be able to help you find the best job.

Teaching in China without a degree

Teaching positions in many provinces in China will require proof of completion of a BA or above.  Well, some teaching positions either because of the scope of work or locations don’t require a college degree. While not have a degree will somewhat limit your options, Sunrise does has positions that allow you to work legally in China without a degree.

Residence permit/Foreign Expert Certificate

After you sign a contract with a school, your school will assist you in obtaining a “Residence permit” and a “Foreign Expert Certification/Work permit” from the Chinese government. Then, you can work in China legally.  In China, only legal and licensed schools can actually hire foreigners. By working with Sunrise you can assure that you’re with legal schools.

How can I get my Work VISA? What do I need to do after I sign a contract?

Once you have signed and submitted your teaching contract, the school will request your “alien work permit” from the Chinese government. This document along with their “invitation letter” will be sent directly to you. Once received, you will need to submit this paperwork along with your passport and VISA application either directly to the Chinese embassy in your home country or to a VISA agent. There will be a fee to pay varying by country. Depending on processing time, in a few days or a week you will get your passport back in mail with a temporary “Z visa” (Check out the Type of VISA). This temporary VISA works for 30 days and designs for you to enter China. When you arrive in China, you school will assist you in converting this temporary to a “Foreign Expert Certification/Work permit” and a “Residence permit”. This process could take 2-6 weeks during which you will not have your passport. So we suggest you make some copies of your passport. The government also requires you to have physical exam done. It’s pretty basic and is usually completed in China. In some cases, your school may send you a medical exam form that you can use to have the exam in your home country.