FAQs About English As a Second Language Jobs in China


Many people are not familiar with the whole process of finding English as a second language jobs in China and have some questions. Here are the FAQs about English as a second language jobs.

1. I want to teach in China, but I don’t have a bachelor degree, am I qualified?
For most schools in China, a 4 year bachelor degree is necessary, because the government requires that to issue the working permit and invitation letter for you to apply for the working visa. However, there are indeed a few places are ok with that. So if you want a working visa , it’s better to be open about other factors, such as location, student age.

2.How do agencies work? Do I need to pay for them?
Most schools in China work with agencies to find foreign teachers. Therefore, it’s best to find an agency to help you find a good job. The agencies will learn about your preferences first and ask for some documents. Then they will send your documents and information to schools they have to check about the available positions. When they find something available, they will send you the job details and set up interviews for you. If you and the school feel good about each other, the school will send you a contract. You will sign the contract with the school directly, not with the agency. Then the school will start to apply for the working visa for you.

3.Does the school provide medical insurance?
Most schools will buy accident insurance or business insurance for foreign teachers. It can be used for serious illness and emergencies should they occur.It doesn’t cover the small stuff like regular checkups or the rare sickness. If you want to buy the social medical insurance, you need to pay for it by yourself. The amount is around 12% of the insurance base you want to buy.

4. Is tesol/tefl cerficate needed for English as a second language jobs in China?
It’s preferred, but not necessary for some schools. For some cities, if you have two years teaching experience, tesol/tefl is not a must. But it’s better to learn one. 120h online course is fine. With tefl/tesol certificate, you can get more opportunities and better offers.