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What is ESL Job?

English as a second language (ESL) teachers work with students whose primary language is not English.  These students who can’t read, write and converse properly in English are regarded as English Language Learners (ELLs). The ESL teachers are sometimes also called English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) teachers. These teachers teach certain English skills that are more beneficial for the students in real-life scenarios. These skills often focus on conversational and job-related communication skills that can help learners efficiently respond in an environment built upon the English language. To become a well-established ESL teacher, travel may be required and you might also need a lot of patience when teaching students who are completely unfamiliar with the English language.

Why should you come to China to become an ESL Teacher? 

China is a booming ESL market that offers enormous opportunities for English teacher jobs. The ESL jobs are continuously increasing in the country with parents of the children becoming more aware of the fact that the foreign countries are full of wonderful opportunities and they could open new doors for their children to thrive and become successful. Because these parents want to provide higher education to their children and better work opportunities in foreign countries, learning English has become more of an obsession than need. 

As ESL industry continues to dominate the educational system of China, more and more job opportunities are there for both qualified and less-qualified individuals who want to teach English in China. While those with high qualifications and experience can expect visas, free housing, high-paying salaries, and worry-free contracts, those who are new to China and are less-qualified can still find jobs at around $30 USD an hour or more. So you can say that China is definitely a place worth looking into if you want to grow your career as an ESL teacher.

How to Find ESL Teaching job in China?

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