ESL Jobs-respectable and High-paying Occupation in China


Nowadays, English is widely used all over the world. It is specified as the official language in international meetings, foreign trades, culture exchanges,etc. China, which isn’t an English speaking country, is eagerly to improve its English level, so many great ESL jobs come up. “Respect teachers and value education”is a fine tradition of Chinese. Therefore, ESL job is one of the most popular jobs in China and enjoys a very high social status. Both schools and students give the utmost respect to foreign teachers. Schools provide a good working environment for teachers, such as single office, teaching assistant, teaching materials and tools, team building activities and so on. Students are very eager to learn new knowledge, making the teachers feel that they are really needed, not just doing an ESL job. In additions, ESL job is a high-paying occupation in China. Schools offer appealing packages including competitive salary, free accommodation, airfare allowance, medical insurance, visa reimbursement, paid summer/winter holidays, signing and completion bonus, etc. This salary is 3-5 times as that of Chinese people and the consumption level is low. So if you want to save money, that’s definitely the best choice to do ESL jobs in China.