ESL Jobs Make Your Travelling Easier and More Meaningful


Many foreigners like travelling all over the world, it costs a lot though. I’m not sure if those who want to visit China have ever thought about making money while travelling. I think that works and I believe you will have a rewarding experience in China. ESL jobs are very popular and easy to find. You may try this direction.

If you come to travel for several months, you may find a summer camp or winter camp or maybe a part-time job in the evenings or at weekends. This kind of jobs is not everywhere, but if you pay more attention, you will find one. Before you come to China, you may find one somewhere. What ESL jobs could bring to you?

It’s obviously money. Travelling needs money. If you could get paid even while travelling, that really sounds good. The money will help you save some money for extra things. It will also make your trip abundant.

ESL job will bring you friends and new experience especially when you never teach english  in China. Summer or winter camp is the most common job for travelers, since it has only two to six weeks of workload, which allows you time to explore different places. There will be different kinds of activities during the camp, playing games, practicing English with kids mainly. You will feel proud when you see them brave to speak English under your help. You will know Chinese teachers, learn something about education in China, which is also beneficial to you when you look to teach in China in the future.

These two points are the most important I can think of. I believe there are other advantages. Experience the education, the culture and the joy the kids bring to you, plus the pay, how beautiful it is! Maybe you are not a teacher, and never thought of becoming a foreign teacher overseas, such is life! Doing new things, and challenging new things is an attitude towards life!