English Teaching Jobs Overseas-Why to Use an Agent


Using an agent to find English teaching jobs overseas has several advantages. Here are my opinions. If you think it helps, I will be happy. If not, then just for fun.

A lot of schools cooperate with agents for their recruitment.
Schools have a lot of work to do every day, though they have teachers that are responsible for recruiting foreign teachers. They have other work to do, they have to teach, and communicate with parents and prepare for some activities when needed. They cooperate with agents to save time. Agents have a lot of school resources for this reason.

Agents know better about schools in China.
Most foreigners are living in their own countries. They usually come after they find suitable positions. They don’t have access to know a lot of schools in China. Also, they are not familiar with the system or reputation of schools in China. Agents will do some research before they build cooperation with them. Besides, agents communicate with different types of schools a lot. All these will help the agents know better about the schools. This is very important for finding a reliable school.

Agents know the process of getting an ESL job and getting a visa to China and most of other things.
Agents are living in China, so they know better about the living cost or Chinese culture, how to get a z work visa and how schools do things. They could give you some instructions if you want.

It will be easier and faster to find an ESL job through agents.
Agents’ responsibilities are finding English teachers jobs for foreigners. That’s their means of making a living. They will contact you and send offers to you always. If you apply for a teaching job online, directly to a school, they might ignore your application or just busy and don’t have time to get back to you. Sometimes you might not be able to find their contact information. However, agents will reply in time, as long as you reply and follow their procedure.