English As a Foreign Language Jobs-What Interviewers Care During an Interview


English as a foreign language jobs are very popular in China. There are a lot of TEFL jobs for foreigners from English speaking countries and maybe other countries. To get a TEFL job in China, you need to take interviews with schools, mostly online and through skype. I believe you will prefer to pass all the interviews with different schools, even though you don’t like them, you can decide, not only listen to their decision. Here are some tips I can think of.
Dress appropriately

Some foreigners might think dress formally is needed for an interview, actually that depends. If it’s a high school or a university position, they might like that, since that shows a sense of majesty, and you will teach young adults, that might be better. For kids training centers or kindergartens, I don’t think you need to dress very formally, since you will work with little kids, if you dress very seriously, kids will feel uneasy in class. As long as you dress clean and don’t expose too much, I think that’s the most important.

Be positive and ready to answer any question

Try to answer every question with several sentences, not just yes or no, that’s really frustrating. Interviewers prefer to hear your opinion about something. If you show your interest in a question, that will promote the conversation.

Ask questions at a right time
I think a foreigner applies for a job, he will be curious to know more about the position and the school, you may ask some questions after answering their questions or when they ask you what questions you have about their offer. It’s better not to ask some tricky questions, like the pay or something else. Most schools couldn’t decide so soon. If you don’t ask any questions, they might think you are not interested in their offer. That’s not helpful.

Show your energy when you talk with a kid center or a kindergarten, that’s very important. They like to get a foreign teacher full of energy and affinity. Smiling is also a good thing at any time.

Finally, wish you are successful in interviewing with all schools!