Different teachers get different pay


Teaching English in China is a good way to get special experience abroad and earn money. In the last few years, English teachers have become celebrities in China, considering the demand. Chinese schools are always generous to offer a higher pay to get good foreign teachers. However, different types of teachers get different pay scales, depending on what they can teach, what majors they studied during their universities, and what certificates they have, and also depending on their age, nationalities, teaching experience and whether they come alone or not. There are too many factors that influence the pay.

First, let’s see what kind of foreign teachers are the most popular and can get the highest pay.

If someone is a native English speaker from America, Britain, Canada or Australia and has a master’s or doctor’s degree in education, and has a teaching license from his or her native country,  and has more than two years’ experience of teaching either kindergarten or primary school kids all the main subjects like science, math, writing, reading and etc, and if this teacher is between 25 and 40, he or she will be very welcomed. In China, there are quite a few international kindergartens and primary schools that need foreign homeroom teachers that can teach all the subjects,and have related teaching experience. They think these teachers know better about what education is and what they should do to help the students. They think such teachers are real professional teachers, and they are happy to offer 20,000-30,000rmb per month, even a higher pay if one deserves. Of course, such schools are not many, so you had better catch the right opportunity.

Secondly, science subject teachers can get a high pay as well, and it’s not easy for schools to find this type of teachers.

Some private international schools, mainly high schools have a great demand of math, economics, physics or chemistry teachers. Their students usually will study abroad for their universities. So these schools prefer AP or A-level subject teachers. If someone is from a native English speaking country, with the age of 30-50 years old, and has more than three related teaching experience in China, with a major in math, physics, chemistry or education for master degree or higher, they will be liked by these schools. As for the benefits, science subject teachers can be paid 20,000-30,000rmb or possibly higher. Some less expensive cities like Guilin might offer a lower pay. Big cities like Beijing or Shanghai could possibly offer higher than that, but 30k is almost on the top end.

Thirdly, we’ve been talking about international schools, teaching little kids all the subjects or teaching high school students science subjects. Now we will discuss the pay at private language training centers.

There are a few training centers that can offer 17,000-22,000rmb teaching oral English, these are usually teaching little kids from 3 to 12 years old. If one is a native English speaker with the proper qualifications(TEFL and bachelor’s degree), young and good looking and have some teaching experience, especially when a school needs a foreign teacher urgently, they would try to satisfy the teachers’ need. They are very flexible on that.

Fourthly, there are some teachers that don’t have proper qualifications, some are lack of degree. If these foreigners could go to any city and consider any type of schools and any age of students and would accept any type of visa, some training centers or public schools in some less popular cities could possibly pay 15,000-18,000rmb, the highest. They usually couldn’t take care of the visa, if they are able to arrange a legal work visa, they will pay less. Most non-degree holders get 10,000-14,000rmb per month. Besides, appearance is still a very important part.

Fifthly, we will discuss what non-native English speakers can get.

We have to admit that some foreigners from non-native English speaking countries have a perfect accent and have good qualifications and teaching experience. However, most of them can only get around 12,000rmb per month because the z visa is not easy to get. The most qualified non-native teachers can get 14,000-17,000rmb, that needs luck and opportunity. Few schools are happy to spend the similar amount of money to hire a non-native English speaker no matter how excellent she or he is. So this will depend on the market need and the teacher’s situation, whether she or he has a z visa already and etc.

Finally, what I want to say is that most native English speakers are paid between 12,000 and 16,000rmb, and non-native English speakers are paid between 10,000 and 13,000rmb. If you want to get a competitive pay, please read the above information, and see what you have and what you deserve.