Differences of efl jobs in public schools and training centers in China


Many people don’t know the education system in China. When they come to find efl jobs, they don’t know what the differences between public schools and training centers. Here they are.

a.Working schedule. In public schools, the working time is usually 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, weekends off. Some schools will require office hours to prepare lessons, some not. Students attend training centers after school to improve their English, so the working time for training centers is in the afternoons, evenings and on weekends. There will be two days off from Monday to Friday. The workload is usually 20-25 teaching hours and some office hours per week.

b.Class size. In public schools like primary, middle and high schools. there are around 40-50 stduents in each class. Universities has smaller class size of 20-30 students. For training centers, each class has 10-15 students, and some classes are one to one tutor. So if you are with little teaching experiennce, I suggest you to teach in training centers, as the class is easier to control. And there will be a Chinese assistant in training centers.

c.Holidays. Public schools have national holidays such as Chinese New Year, Spring Festival,Qing Ming Festival,Labor Holiday,Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday. Besides, there are summer and winter holidays, which is around one month for each. As for training centers, there are nationa public holidays and 5-10 days annual leave.

d. Salary. The salary in public schools and training centers is similar, ranging from 10000-15000RMB.depending on qualifications and teaching experience. Some public schools provide a free apartment on campus, which outsiders are not allowed to stay overnight. Some schools also offer housing allowance. They will help you to find a decent apartment, but you need to pay for the rent and deposit in advance.