Can You Get a TESOL Job in China Without a Bachelor Degree


Recently, someone sent me a message asking me whether he can get TESOL jobs in China without a Bachelor degree.

As I mentioned before, China is a huge country and provides jobs for all different kinds of people. For TESOL jobs, most parts of China need the ESL teacher to have a bachelor degree to get the work visa. However, you can take a look at the requirements of jobs for ESL teachers. Most schools will say that bachelor degree is preferred, but not required. Therefore, there are opportunities for those ESL teachers who do not have bachelor degree.

However, there are some limitations if you don’t have a bachelor degree. First, Tier one city needs bachelor degree to get a work visa. Therefore, you cannot work in Tier one city legally without bachelor degree. There are some ESL teachers who don’t have bachelor degree working in Tier one city. Most of them hold tourism visa. Second, you may face the risk of deportation.

But it’s really uncommon and won’t happen most of the time. Generally, if you don’t have a bachelor degree, you can get a TESOL job in other cities expect Tier one city. And the school also will assist you to get a work visa for the sake of their benefits.

Therefore, if you don’t have a bachelor degree, don’t worry; just get in touch with Sunrise. Sunrise will help you lock a TESOL job in China.