Bad phenomena in current ESL job industry


I have been working in ESL teachers recruitment industry for a long time, from the loss at the beginning to ease right now. Throughout this work experience,I found that although ESL jobs industry in China is prosperous, there are a variety of obstacles that the prosperity of foreign teachers under the recruitment of a variety of obstacles that hinder the progress of the industry. If there are good practices to improve the bad phenomena, I believe the industry of ESL teachers in China will usher and better development.


Let me talk about some of the stories that take place in the course of contacting with foreign teachers.


Not long ago, I placed a female teacher from Philippines in a school. Her image is good and has very standard American pronunciation. Both she and the school are very satisfied after the interview and sign the contract. I thought the whole process would be very smooth, but problems are appearing after she applied for the visa. At first, she said the application for a visa requires some information. She needs to buy round way tickets. But when we want to communicate with her about the tickets, she is often not online and the reply is not timely. The result is that she got a tourist visa that lasts only for 12 days. The school is absolutely not able to get her other visas in such a short time. But the teacher said she can extend it for another month when she is in Beijing, because she did it so before (she worked in Beijing for some time). We repeatedly emphasize that she needs to buy tickets to take high-speed railway to the school and tell her the route. But when she arrived in Beijing, she told us that the flight was late and the phone is run out of power. There is no train to the school at that time. We told her he can take other buses to the school or stay in Beijing for the night and go to the school next day. All our suggestions were ignored by her. She just consistently asked who can pick her up in Beijing. But the school is thousands miles away from Beijing. We all know that normally schools will pick up foreign teachers at the local airport. And she only brought around 300RMB with her. Fortunately, the school asked a friend to drive her all the way from Liaoning to Beijing to take her to the school. After she got to the school, she said it was cold and borrowed 500RMB from the teacher to buy clothes and asked the teacher to take her to eat. However her visa is still needs to be extended by herself and it costs money.The school can’t lend her more money, so she had to found other jobs. It showed that if you are coming to teach English in China, get prepared please. The school will tell you what to bring and how much money you may spend for the first month, do listen to their advice. Otherwise everything will be in a mess when you get to the school.


There was a teacher from South Africa. He said everything was good and would get to the school after the new year. But this teacher also replied slowly. Every time we tried to contact him, it took several days to get his reply.He always said he would keep in touch with the school and will try to arrive at the school as soon as possible. However, he simply no longer replied. No matter what you said, seriously or gently, he just didn’t reply. We definitely gave up this kind of foreign teachers.


After getting in touch with a variety of foreign teachers, you will encounter a lot of unreliable teacher. Looking for a job is a very serous thing. But because they have many offers to choose, they are just not positive and serious in replying to you. Teachers with a good attitude will tell you that they have found better jobs. Some teachers said the job is good, but they don’t like the attitude of the school. Some teachers also said their salary expectation before, but when coming to sign the contract, they just complained that the salary is not high. Some teachers even move you out of their contacts if they are not happy. Of course these examples can’t represent the whole market. Most teachers are serious looking for English teaching jobs in China.


Many people think that ESL jobs market in China is large. Schools all need ESL teachers, so they have many opportunities to choose. If one doesn’t work, they can always find another one. This makes foreign teachers are very random in finding English teaching jobs in China, not serious. But schools now are becoming more careful in hiring teachers. They would rather not have a teacher than hire someone not serious. Therefore, be serious if you really want to find ESL jobs in China.