Are Non-native English Speakers Qualified to Teach English Esl


Many non-native speakers are wondering if they are qualified to teach English esl. What qualifications do they need have to teach English esl?

Well, to tell the truth, if you are a non-native English speaker,there will be fewer positions for you, so it makes hard for you to find a job.The reason for this is that there are more and more teachers from English speaking countries woudl like to teach English esl. Of course, most schools will prefer native speakers. Now, many parents of the students know English better than before. They know what kind of teacher is better for their kids. They will attend the demo class to decide whether they would like their kids to attend this school. So to attract more students, schools have to find good native speakers to teach english esl. But that doesn’t mean there is no chance for non-native English speakers.For non-native speakers, there is some advice for them to get more opportunities to teach English esl.

To study a bachelor degree in an English speaking country. This will be very helpful.For example, in China, one reason for most schools wanting native speakers is that they can easily get the work visa for them. Although there are really some excellent non-native speakers who they think are very qualified to teach English esl in their school, the government has more strict visa requirements for them so that they can’t easily get them a work visa. We all know that a work visa is the best and safest way to work in China. But if you have got a bachelor degree in an English speaking country, it will be recognized by the governments and can easily issue you a work visa.

If possible, try to spend some time or working in an English speaking country. Many schools don’t want non-native Englsh speaking because their pronunciation is not as clear as native speakers. To teach English is mainly to teach oral English, so pronunciation is very important. By spending time or working in an English speaking country, you can practice and improve your pronunciation a lot, close to a native level. You will be surrounded by English. Besides, if you are in Europe, it’s very easy for you to find summer work in the UK or Ireland on your EU passport.

Get yourself qualified. If being non-native narrows down your opportunities, then you need to get yourself more quaified to get more chances. A bachelor degree is necessary, especially majoring in English. A tefl/tesol certificate is also very important. If you don’t have formal teaching experience in a classroom, you can do some tutoring jobs. Those experience will also be considered.