Analysis on Esl Teaching Market in China


Huge market demand and broad prospects. There is a huge demand for foreign teachers in China. Chinese teaching environment and people’s thoughts are gradually changed. The have realized that English, as a foreign language, is not only for exams, but for communication. So more and more Chinese parents start to focus on improvements of their kids’ oral English abilities. Subsequently, there are more and more training centers. So there is higher and higher demands for foreigners to do esl teaching in China.

Imbalanced structure of supply and demand and big salary difference.There are many qualified foreign teachers. This kind of teachers are easy to find an esl teaching job. But at the mean time, there is huge demand for foreign teacher. The reason for this phenomenon is that schools emphasize native teachers and have strict requirement for race. But there are more and more non-native teachers or non-white teachers. Teachers have different purposes for esl teaching and they have some strict limit for location and salary. This increase the difficulites for agencies to recommend teachers effectively. White native speakers ask for very high salary, but many schools can’t meet their expectation. So there are always teachers looking for jobs and schools looking for teachers.

Subsequent problems on teachers’ arrival and higher risk. Even though everything goes well all the way from a teacher signing contract and coming to the schoo, there are still many subsequent problems after their arrival. For example, some teachers can’t adapt to the working environment and are not satisfied with the workmates. Then they will resign from the school. Then the previous efforts are all in vain. Therefore, personally I think it’s best to get everything discussed and settled before teachers coming to the school.