Analysis of the reasons why foreign teachers were rejected by schools


In the long-term recruitment process, we can meet foreign teachers with different characters and qualifications of foreign teachers. Of course, there are different schools as well. In the process of recruitment and recommendation, many times when the foreign teachers are interested in the school, but the school refuses the foreign teachers politely, without saying clearly what the reason was, so the foreign teachers got completely confused. Let us talk about the reasons for the foreign teachers being rejected by schools.


Of course, it is due to some conditions and ability problems of the foreign teachers themselves. One of the reasons why many schools refuse to hire foreign teachers is the image problem. As more and more parents pay attention to spoken English, they will send their children to a foreign language training school. For training schools, the most important thing is the facade. The image of foreign teachers is an important support for the school’s facade, and it is also an important guarantee for the students’ enrollment. Because the image of a foreign teacher will affect the brand promotion of the school and the quality of students. And with the establishment of more and more training schools, there will be a competitive relationship between each other. Therefore, the image of foreign teachers will also lead to the advantage or disadvantage in the competition. Therefore, some foreign teachers without outstanding images will be often rejected by the school. There is a suggestion for foreign teachers who are going to teach English in China. Dress formally and neatly during the interview. Female teachers can have light makeup.


Secondly, schools refuse a lot of foreign teachers because of the accent. When the image is quite similar, what is to be compared is the inner core competitiveness. One of the most important items is the accent of foreign teachers. A good image will attract many students to come to study and sign in the class. However, if the accent is too bad, the number of students will be reduced . Therefore, when the foreign teachers are looking for a job, the schools often ask to watch the videos to listen to the accent. The accent of most foreign teachers is still very good, but some foreign teachers will be more or less different because of the different accent in the country’s educational environment and the region. It will become a hindrance on their way of job hunting.


Then another reason is the quality of foreign teacher. A foreign teacher with good conduct, no matter in what kind of school will be respected and loved. Even if the teaching not perfect, many schools teachers strongly want the foreign teachers because of the good quality and humility of the foreign teachers and serious attitude. It can be seen that schools that pay so much attention to the teaching ability and level of foreign teachers, pay more attention to the conduct and attitude of a foreign teacher. And these two points are also the premise and basic guarantee for deciding whether they can do a good job or not. Other skills in teaching can be learned and improved, but character is the most important. Because if a foreign teacher does not have good faith and conduct, no matter any school, any student parents, or even a foreign teacher recruitment agency, will say NO.


Another point is the salary issue of foreign teachers. Many foreign teachers came to China to admit that it was because of China’s generous treatment. This is understandable. Schools need high-quality foreign teachers to educate students, and foreign teachers pursue a generous salary to enjoy a better life. However, in many cases, some foreign teachers ask for extremly high salary without considering the market price and their own teaching abilities. They even agitate other foriegn teachers they know to raise the salary requirements and disrupt the normal salary system. They thought everyone is stupid and pay for a lot of money just because they are foreigner. For such foreign teachers who have no basis for asking price and even maliciously disrupting the market salary system, every school will refuse and resist.