Advantages of Tefl Teaching English in Training Centers


Many people are not sure what kind of school to do tefl teaching English. Which is better, public schools or training centers? Here are some advantages of tefl English teaching in training centers.

Many training centers are hiring all year round. They have several branches in one city. So there is more demand for foreign teachers. The start time is very flexible for them. If you are a little later than the supposed time, it’s totally fine with the schools. For public schools, semesters start in March or September. If you are late because of some personal matters, the schools won’t wait for you.

Training centers have less strict requirements than public schools. If this is your first time to come to China and you don’t have any teaching experience before. Then you’d better to teach in a training center. Most public schools pay much attention to the teaching experience. Training centers are fine with no teaching experience, as long as your other qualifications are good.

The class size in training centers is much smaller than public schools. Usually there are around 10 students in each class. There are also one-to-one lessons. If you are new to tefl teaching English in China, it’s likely that you can do a better job in training centers. The class is easier to manage. There are 40-50 students for each class in public schools. If you don’t have any teaching experience before, it’s hard to handle it.

The life in training centers is more comfortable. Public schools are run by the government, so they have their own strict system and rules. Everything needs to follow the system. But training centers are different. If you have some difficulties, they can try to help you. Suppose you are short of money for the first month in China, many training centers can lend you some money and then deduct it from your salary. But I don’t think public schools will do that.