Advantages of Esl English Teaching in Public Schools


When asked you want to work in public schools or training centers, many people are not sure which is better. Here is a list of advantages of esl English teaching in public schools.

Stable working time. In public schools, teachers work during the day from Monday to Friday. Weekends are off work. Some public schools have office hours, so you are likely to work from 8am to 5pm. Universities always don’t have office hours. The workload is lighter, so the salary is lower.

A real classroom. In public schools, you will teach in real classrooms. There is blackboard and stage in the front of the classroom, which makes you a real teacher. The class size is bigger than training centers, around 40-50. You will find the students are very eager to learn new things and disciplined.

Respect.Public schools are run by the government,so teachers in public schools are more respected. Most public schools have a long history and gain good reputation.The working system and management are good.Training centers are run personally. Some training centers have bad management and the working rules are changed from time to time.

Holiday. Public schools have winter and summer holidays, around 1 month for each holiday. It’s common winter holidays are paid. If you work there for a second the year, the summer holiday is also paid. There are several schools offer both paid winter holiday and summer holiday, but just a few. You will have the time to rest ,travel and even go back to your home country to visit families.
Summer/Winter Camp. Some public schools have summer/ winter camp, so you don’t need to find such position in other schools if you want to teach in summer of winter. It’s a good experience to have a short teaching period outside of the school.

All in all, if you want stable working schedule and more free time, then public schools are better choice for esl English teaching.