A brief Analysis of the Current Situation of foreign teachers’ job seeking and its disadvantages


China is the country with the largest population in the world. With the development of reform and opening up, economy develops fast. Chinese government pay more attention to education industry now. Therefore, English learning becomes more and more important. Various schools, including training institutions, kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and universities, are increasingly introducing foreign teachers to improve the students’ English proficiency and listening, speaking and reading skills. It also drove foreigners to come to teach English in China, and bring job opportunities to those foreigners who want to go abroad for teaching english jobs. This does not only increase the possibility of the rapid development of China’s English education, but also create valuable work opportunities for foreign friends, and might change their whole lives. This is something that deserves encouragement and promotion. However, the current Chinese foreign teachers market is no longer the same as the previous development of a virtuous circle, many problems exist.

Due to China’s large population, the students learning English is not in the minority, but foreigners who come to teach English in China mainly want to experience Chinese culture and life, or because of their countries’ economy downturn, and couldn’t find a good job, so there are not many foreigners coming.

Chinese schools have such a great demand of foreign teachers that some foreigners hold a post without qualifications, some even have a criminal record, it’s unimaginable. As a teacher, first of all, he should have a clean background, character no problem, to lead by example, followed by teaching level and qualifications. Those who have criminal records should be strictly forbidden to teach in China. Such people are not qualified to educate others. Recently, there are many undergraduate foreigners applying to teach English in China. I don’t have any prejudice on them. After all, China’s demand of foreign teachers is very big. If they want teachers with full qualifications, maybe many schools couldn’t get teachers, perhaps for a long time they can not make up this vacancy, which affects the continuity of students learning English. We do not deny that some foreigners who are not highly educated have good communication skills, and can actively interact with students, with strong responsibility and passion of work. Such foreigners are welcomed. Some schools can accept foreigner without degree, but this can not be a bargain for asking for high wages. Different schools have different budget. China’s wages offered to foreign teachers has been higher than China’s average people’s wages. Most of China’s urban consumption level is not high, living in a second or third-tier cities with the pay of 10000 yuan can live very well. There are a lot of foreign teachers asking for high pay without considering their own qualifications or the situation they are in, just because they speak English, which makes some schools and agents unsatisfied or not desired to hire them. Quite a few foreigners change jobs frequently because of their unreasonable request. China does have some schools that can give high wages, but such schools are not many, and they have a higher standard. Even if some schools that are in urgent need of foreign teachers can pay high. It is not necessarily because of their qualifications, not necessarily because they think they are a good fit, probably just because you can can meet their emergency. When they find a more appropriate foreigner to teach English at their school, and wages are reasonable, they may dismiss you. So finding a steadfast job with reasonable salary is more important. The best choice for teachers focusing on wages but ignore other conditions is to go to the Middle East, where the wages are indeed high. If you think there is not where you want to go, then there must be a reason that makes you like China better. Don’t be too entangled in money only. If all aspects are satisfying, make some compromises on the pay. China itself is a developing country. Do not expect too much. They can provide you a comfortable life, that’s good enough. Chinese schools have their own requirements for foreigner that are coming to teach English. if you are not the good match, please put forward a reasonable salary requirements, otherwise it will cause a long delay to find a job. You might miss the right opportunity.

The virtuous circle of foreign teachers market is raising reasonable expectations in all aspects, no unrealistic comparisons, seek to meet the needs of individual life. Require too much is not good for anyone, and will cause dissatisfaction with the school or the mediation. China’s foreign expert bureau has begun to restrict the entry of foreigners, especially for non-native speakers and South Africans, and getting them visas are becoming increasingly difficult. If you really want to go abroad to teach English, then you have to consider how to enter China, do not always adhere to your own ideas, because schools and agents can not control everything.